Kurt's Tasting notes #1 - Fiddlehead Brewing Company - Mastermind Double IPA

Glass of Mastermind Double IPA

Big hop aroma, a bit dank with notes of spice and passion fruit. Flavour opens sweet and juicy - juicy hops that is. Flavours of peaches, melons, even grapes? A veritable fruit punch of flavour. Then the malt base shows up with its light crystal sweetness and toasted goodness to offer balance and additional complexity, and the hop bitterness creeps in along with some ethanol warmth in the finish, and sticks to the tongue and the back of the throat in a way that makes you say "Damn what the hell was that? I dunno, but want more !"

I should add, it is pairing quite nicely with some boiled Virgina peanuts and some Italian Sopressata

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