Kurt's tasting note #13 | Liar's Bench Beer Co | Six-Pack Edition

Liar’s Bench Beer Company (Portsmouth, NH)

•She Wolf Kölsch - Classic Kölsch yeast esters greet the nose, slightly earthy with a hint of sweet malt. Flavor is a luscious blend of toasted and sweet malt, with subtle fragrant hop notes blending in deliciously. Hop bitterness rises a bit in the finish to add balance and leave a crisp dry note on the tongue. A lovely beer!

•Babble On Saison - Wild yeast aromatics yield to an earthy flavor balance with crisp, slightly sweet light malt. Finishes powdery dry. Nice!

•Oh My Garde - Aroma is wild, like a lambic, but the flavor is mostly crystal malt and toasted malt, with not even a hint of sourness. Plenty of hop esters, reminiscent of kumquat on the palate. Finishes with a hint of anise and pepper. Complex and delicious.

•Pop Quiz Pale Ale - Wonderful fresh hop nose of apricot and melon, flavor adds lime to the list along with slightly sweet and toasted malt. Hop bitterness rises a bit in the finish to leave a pleasant resiny coating on the tongue. Delicious pale ale.

•Punxsutawney Swill Brown Ale - Luscious cocoa nose is followed by an explosion of chocolate on the tongue. Acrid dark malt astringency and hop bitterness rise in the finish to provide a tasty bittersweet coating on the tongue, begging another sip. A really nice beer!

•Young Upstart IPA - Wonderful herbal, earthy hop nose. Simcoe? Flavor bursts with more of the same, with the addition of some piney notes. Light sweet malt offers the perfect base for this hoppy ambrosia. Finish is gently better and clean. Fantastic beer.

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