Kurt's Tasting Note #27 | Burlington Beer Co | Intangible Tides Triple IPA

Wow, what an aroma! Mango, peaches, dank and even a hint of pine. Lots going on here. Flavor is full on as well: huge golden/toasted malt pairs with huge bitterness to yield a giant, yet exquisitely balanced, beer. Tons of the aforementioned hoppy flavors are intertwined within it as well. Weighing in at a staggering 10%, the ethanol is well hidden, not appearing at all in the aroma and just slightly in the flavor as a hint of sweet anise. The bitterness, while intense, is also remarkably smooth, lending balance and depth to the enormous malt presence, while still allowing the beer to be dangerously drinkable. Finish is dry, leaving the tongue coated with a gentle yet persistent hop resin that allows the flavor to linger even while you are thinking it is time for another sip. An epic brew!

#Burlington #TripleIPA

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